Sketchbook Friday: Diabolical Triple Threat

  Another Sketchbook Friday in the books! This time it’s  a triple threat. Did a poll on Facebook for what I should draw next: A ghost with a boom box or a crab with human hands. It came split down the middle, so people requested that I split the difference… I guess this will be a ghost crab with human …

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Sketchbook Friday: Mutant Banana Bombs

Hey it’s SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. A couple’a banana boys blowing up big time. Mario Kart’s baddest of the bad looking mad, back to explosion and all. This is also where the Mutant Weapon-W was born. There’s also a doodle of the classic SUBMIT design I’m probably going to re-work. YAHOO. I hope you’re all doing fantastic. Tools: Micron liners

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Sketchbook Friday: The Harbor Is Yours

Dead. Men. Tell no tales. Tools: Papermate .07

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Sketchbook Friday: Spiteful Sprites

sketchbook fri sun

Another Sketchbook Friday ok? Except it’s being posted on… SUN… DAY… GET IT? It’s the classic sun from Mario 3 requesting his privacy. Whatever. Also Pokey really not giving a heck at all. Oh would ya look at that? It’s also where the Galaxy Crystal pattern originated. Neato! Tools used: Micron liner 08, Sargent Markers

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Sketchbook Friday: Can’t Touch This

sktchbook friday

Welcome to another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY on a Saturday! MC Hammer Bro busting a move in his parachute pants filled with an endless supply of hammers to throw. It’s not easy to dance while holding a massive iron hammer, but these good brothers make it look easy. So. Stupid. Tools Used: Micron liner 08,Papermate precision 07

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Sketchbook Friday: Catch Some Z’s If U Plz

ANOTHER SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. It’s been awhile but you’re just in time to catch the Snorlax catch some Z’s after a night of partying a bit too hard. This poke boi isn’t waking up for nothing. You can play that flute all day long. I’m going to try to get back into this again. I have a lot of sketchbook pages …

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Sketchbook Friday: One Cool Flamingo Bomb

It’s Sketchbook Friday. Ya like bomber boys? Ya like cool flamingos? THEY’RE HERE. TOGETHER AT LAST. What a terrible pic I took with my phone. I blew it. There’s a secret message I wrote when I was half asleep that I covered up in the bottom right corner. WELP SEE YA! Tools used: Sakura Microperm

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Sketchbook Friday: The Anatomy of a King

sketchbook king

Oh boy what joy it’s another… Sketchbook Friday! This time we got the king of the dray dream and we’re taking a look right thru his skin.

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Sketchbook Friday: Gamer Gunk ughhhhh

A classic case of that gamer gunk that gets inside all your controllers. Maybe even your keyboards!? UGH! Welp it’s another Sketchbook Friday and I don’t know if you’re like my and letting out a big YAHOOO for the weekend but I certainly hope you are, heh. This page started as a submission to a digital sticker contest for Redbubble …

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Sketchbook Friday: Garbage Gang Say “Yeah!”

Hola familia! Welcome to another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. Here is a group of dumpster creatures out and about on their daily activities. One eyed, one legged bird bopper? CHECK. Fizzy eyed snail? YOU BET. Re-animated zombie whacky waving inflatable tube man viking? YES. Gangs all here and please don’t you forget it. Minus Brian. Tools used: Micron liners, I think.

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