Hipster Poseidon: The Mythological Original Hipster

hipster poseidon

Hipster Poseidon knew about Atlantis before it was cool. He drinks sea weed lattes and uses organic oils on his beard.

He doesn’t believe in “labels”, but if you had to ask him his favorite genre of music… It’d be Neptune Folk Fusion.

This greek god won the FB poll quite swimmingly (heh) and this was the most difficult to draw yet.

It could have gone so many different ways, as you will see in the Sketchbook Friday coming up. One thing’s for sure: He needed a man bun.

Ended up giving the final product a bit of a Disney vibe. I think it came out ok.

Hipster Poseidon is available at Redbubble and Teepublic! Check it out.

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