Skell Revised and Ready


Skell is back from the dead.

Remember this guy!? I just found him on an old back-up disk and I’m so happy about it. This was one of the FIRST Adobe Illustrator drawings I did with the Wacom Tablet. Skell was born from this cheesy initial concept. Quite different. More painterly. Kinda dumb.

Started checking out some work of some seriously talented artists on this Sticker of the Month Club thing, and I just got so inspired. Thus, I for some reason decided to revive Skell in all his vector glory. Must have been in the Hallowseve spirit MUAHAHA!

Weird color palette. It was kind of challenging to figure out and I’m not 100% sure it works, but hey man, I experimented with something out of my comfort zone. Gotta take a walk on the wild side every now and then. Am I right?

I also added this sucker to the Redbubble shop. Think it looks pretty decent on some of the products. Not sure who in the right mind would wear an X-ray Frankenstein’s Monster on their pencil skirt, but hey, you never know. Check it out below:

Looking back on this now, there’s a lot I would change. First, the alignment of the eyes makes no sense. Look at the skeleton’s eye socket. Then look how high up the dude’s eye is. If we are to believe that this is an X-ray view, I’m not sure I’m buying it, G. But maybe it’s not an X-ray view you know? Maybe it’s one of those cheap promotional posters for the fight of the century. Skell Skelleton vs. Frankenstein’s monster in the ultimate Halloween BEAT DOWN. ¬†Looking too deep into this.

Check out some detail shots below. And also make sure to check out Skell in the Redbubz shop. He’s waiting for ya. Thanks my best friends. Until next time!

1skell detail 1

2skell detail 2

3skell detail 3

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