V is for Viking Beards of Valhalla

v skulls

Raging Ragnarök!!! THANK THE GOOD LORD IT’S DONE! Those flowing ginger viking beards took me a good chunk of time to color. I’m never drawing hair again.

Shout out to Kevin sent straight from Heaven for the idea of using vikings.

All that hard work paid off though — at least it did in my opinion. Really happy with the end result. I had the idea to make their beards wrapped around a battle axe in the center but… Meh.

I really have to set up something to record the process of some of these. This one was a wild and frustrating ride. I set it up so it could be screen printed perfectly though so maybe some way some how down the line I could throw it on some super high quality prints or even some screen printed shirts. A pipe dream? Perhaps.

Anyway, I’m hammering these out with only 4 more to go. I feel like I had more to say about this one but I’m so mentally drained from the process that I got nothing left in the tank.

Here’s some deet shots. Click the pics for higher res views. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you all so much for sticking with me!


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