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Character Countdown No. 3: Gunther

My dude is back. Gunther, the robot with extreme social anxiety who can shoot his eyeballs out at any given moment goes vector. Poor dude. So stressed. Was he a failed creation of Dr. Poopenstien? Eh, probably.

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Character Countdown No.2: Poopenstien

I know you missed him. We all did. I’m proud to say Dr. Poopenstien is back and better than ever, weighing in on the character countdown day 2. It’s been too long without our friend Poopenstien. A void in our hearts has been filled.

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Character Countdown: Jeffery

I was inspired by something I saw on tumblr to do a quick character sketch before warming up. I’m going to try to hit 50 and try to do at least 1 per day. No promises though. You may remember Jeffery Jet from the old site [RIP]. You don’t remember? Well, here’s him in t-shirt form. That’s the best I …

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