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No Longer On Earth

Here we go. Back at it again. Revising an old vision.. Heh… GET IT?I added some true grit texture to this ol’ boy. It’s pretty poorly drawn in hindsight. But that’s okay. I’m experimenting. I think I’m gonna do some more stuff like this. Grab some classic comics and take some panels to try in a weird style. I think …

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Koala Bear Underwear Process Video

koala feat

Did a bit of a Facebook poll and heard from the grapevine that people don’t completely hate process videos. Here’s the process in Illustrator for the Koala Bear Underwear drawing. A little different than the usual Photoshop trips. More anchor points and vectors. Less pressure sensitive pixels, ya dig? Gotta shout out to my good pal Dylan at Titus Compositions, …

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Progress: It’s Something!


Boy howdy, I haven’t posted any progress shots in awhile. I’ve been busy working on storyboards for a neat project. It’s pretty fun, you know? Anyway, here’s what I got so far: EYEBALL MANG #eyeball #eye #redbubble #hipster #wip #sketch #sketchbook #process #wip #illustrator A photo posted by @strangethingsa on Mar 28, 2016 at 7:19pm PDT This eye ball man …

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Whatchu Workin’ On (5/26/15)

Here we are again, taking a look into my workspace. What’s getting my skull gears turning this week? I got a lot of projects, a lot of things I want to revise,  and a lot of ideas I want to create. Here’s some stuff I’m chipping away at. Remember this guy? The Gorgon Awakens? I’m jumping back on that wagon. …

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Whatchu Workin’ On (5/5/15)

Plugging away at a couple of things right now. Wanna keep all my dudes and dudettes posted: Got this in the works. Don’t wanna say too much about it because I’m not sure where it’s going. It’s rather… Disturbing. Here’s a glimpse at the early stages. I’ve been inking it traditionally which is a lot of fun. I used I …

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