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Black Leather Yellow Leather Swag

Hell Yeah! Got the infamous yellow and black series up on both respective websites. Lay your head to rest on a businessman with one eye. Hail a supersonic cab with your vibrant eye hand tote bag. Or question the concept of time itself by gazing deep into a diamond skull clock? Also, mugs. And other stuff. Snag them here at …

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Black Leather, Yellow Leather

Vector series. Two colors. EPS textures. DOES THIS MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU!? IT SHOULDN’T BECAUSE IT’S JUST JARGON. JARGON TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL LIKE I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. I made three of these pieces with hopes of getting them printed on some niiiiiiiice paper or canvas and mounting them in my office. But then I realized I never actually …

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