Merch of the day for you to say HOORAY!

O is for Onion Breath Merch

I told ya! I told you I’d be chipping away at getting this Awful Alphabet available! Here’s the stinky O! MAN WHAT A STINK. Available at Society 6 and Redbubble!

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Melty Merch!

Available on Society 6, it’s everyone’s favorite gelatinous face with gaping eye sockets, MELTY! Grab him on a shower curtain! Put him on your bed! It’s Melty! I plan on releasing an all over t-shirt of this very shortly. What a trippy mess!

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Sharkbait: A Journey… Merch

The microscopic #inktober sketch turned vector, now available at Society6 and Redbubble! Sharkbait soaring through an intergalactic micro-verse without a care in the world. Being pummeled by bubbles and emotional rain clouds while a super sonic tune blares through the air.

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Sahnic Staaahp! Merch Available now

Sahnic Staaahp

Sahnic Staaahp is now available at Redbubble and Society 6 in all it’s creepy, grotesque glory. Mobius will never be the same again.  A nightmarish nod to my childhood on everything from all over t-shirts to shower curtains! Available at Redbubble with and without the blue background, so you can choose which variation you want to let turn your dreams …

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Mummified Pineapple Monster Merch

A classic. The Mummified Pineapple Monster, voted into existence by the Facebook Polls! Thanks dudes. Now available at Society 6 and Redbubble on a variety of products!

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Boxes ‘N’ Boxes Merch

Like I said, trying out some more design oriented stuff. A little pattern I created that looks like Q’bert’s desert nightmare. Available at Society 6 and Redbubble! What fun! I’m going to start another one today most likely.

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That’s… Impossible! Merch

I’ve been getting into some more weird, vector-y, retro-y, pattern-y, ideas. Made me remember this thing. I made this awhile ago and printed it on a giant metal pane. I kinda dig it. An impossible shape. It’s now available at REDBUBBLE and SOCIETY 6.

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Fresh Sushi Pop Merch

Now that’s fresh! So smelly you can see the stink! And now you can wear the stink too! Or hang it on your wall. Or sleep in it. Whatever you want, bro. However you want that stink. Fresh Sushi Pop available on a variety of formats now! Available at Society 6 here Available at Redbubble here

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Donkey Krang v. 1.0 Merch!

Donkey Krang v. 1.0 available in the Redbubble and Society 6 shops! Looks fantastic on everything! Grab about 10 of dem bitches.

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Astro Brachiosaurus Merch

astro brachiosaurus merch

ASTRO BRACHIOSAURUS NOW AVAILABLE ON A VARIETY OF FORMATS! Dinosaur… Dinosaur… Ancient enemy of man… The most popular design I have had to date. My second design to pop up on the Found page of Redbubble. The amount of momentum it got after that was unbelievable to a little artist dude like me. I had not seen any design move …

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