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Lucky Leprosy Leg Now Available

Lucky Leprosy Leg

Lucky Leprosy Leg. The grossest one yet. It was the grossest because of what I had to look up for references to draw it. I saw things man. Disgusting things. I’ll never google feet on again. Lucky Leprosy Leg is now available at the Redbubble shop on every format and it looks pretty dope. Is that what the kids say? …

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Jabberjaws Bait Available Now!

jabberjaws bait

Jabberjaws Bait, that disgusting letter J, is now available at the Redbubble shop! Hook line and stinker, am I right? What are you gonna use to bait an enormous talking shark? Eyeballs bro, they love that stuff. This letter surprised me. Jabberjaws bait was always one of my least favorites, but I really like how it translates to different formats. …

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Intergalactic Intelligence Available Now

Intergalactic Intelligence

Intergalactic Intelligence is now beaming through the galaxy and straight into a Redbubble store near you! Look at him! His lobes just pulsating! His eyes… So vascular. All seeing… All knowing… That’s some intergalactic intelligence, ya know? I changed this one up a bit, I admit. Tried something new with the composition because I thought the brain portion of the …

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Forsaken Totem Now Available

Forsaken Totem

Forsaken Totem (F of the Awful Alphabet) is available NOW at the Redbubble shop! It’s also up on Society6 for anyone who gives a fart. Purchase at your own risk dude. Legend has it that the forsaken totem will steal a traveler’s soul if the totem’s mask looked upon. That’s some scary voodoo stuff right there. Do you want your …

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Hammer Hands Available Now!

Hammer hands featured

Hammer hands. Hammer hands. Slams his hands like no man can. Hammer hands. Hammer hands. Slams his hands across the land! Now you can chant Hammer Hands summon song while wearing his sporty Graphic T-shirt because you know what?! I just slapped this sucker up on Redbubble. This lovable bubble nosed scamp is available on every product. I’m really trying …

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Such Good Friends REDBUB Merch

Such Good Friends

Man, We’re Such Good Friends. I mean that. I really do. By the way, ‘Man We’re Such Good Friends’ merch is available now at Redbubble. It’s been at Society6 for awhile, but for some reason I neglected that sweet sweet Redbubble nectar. Nobody seems to like me on Society6. We’re not such good friends over there apparently. I spent hours… …

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Magnetic Master Merch

Magnetic Master

Magnetic Master merch (sweet alliteration, bro) updated and ready to roll. I know you’re attracted to this particular design, heh… Heh. The Magnetic Master manipulating metals. This guy is my FAVORITE ROBOT MASTER OF ALL TIME. His theme music was so good. I used to be obsessed with it. To the point where I’d be driving in my car listening …

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Yella Devil Merch

Yella Devil Merch

Yella Devil merch now available at the Redbubble shop oh boyyyy! That yellow bastard! I always loved this dude growing up. Thought he was the coolest baddie. All slimy. All yellow. An amorphic goo-bot of mayhem. A straight up beast ready to squash your childhood dreams into a fine digital paste. Makin’ your soul split into spheres and scatter across …

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Blue Bomber Merch

blue bomber merch

Blue Bomber Merch now available at the Redbubble shop, and lemme tell you I had a freaking blast with these. So fun. I think it looks pretty good on all the products too. It even works as a pattern, which is surprising. It created one of the better skirts I have made. Doubt anyone is going to be buying a …

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Power Totem Merch

power totem merch featured

Power Totem Merch available now at Redbubble! Oh boy! The totem of ultimate… Undeniable power is here. It’s here on your coffee mug. It’s here on your shirts. It’s here, repeating on your studio pouch, reflecting on your duvet cover. Just updated the Power Totem to make it fit on every item in the Redbubble shop. One of the more …

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