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A New Ghoul Appeared

WATCH OUT. DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER THIS??? I drew a strictly white version and a golden version of this weird composition many moons ago in Photoshop.I tried to make a new version in Illustrator in my current style. I chose a weird monochromatic purple color palette.I want to revisit the colors, but I still like how it came out.I’m getting …

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Candy Bat Sensation With a Blueberry Blast

candy bat feat

candy bat This is the Candy Bat. He turned blueberry flavor from… Eating too many blueberries or some crap. Stains your teeth, tho. He has the malleability of bubble gum. This is plucked straight from the Sketchbook Friday from many moons ago, with all those dapper bats. I didn’t do anything particularly crazy with this one. So you better believe …

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Sketchbook Friday: Driving You Batty… With Style

Are you nuts? Are you… Batty!? It’s Sketchbook Friday. This is a dapper bat gentleman. Not a bat man. A bat gentleman. I think bats are cool. I’m not sure if anything will truly come of these bat doodles, but one thing is for sure… He has to be in a suit. Otherwise the drawing would be guano. You know? …

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