Candy Bat Sensation With a Blueberry Blast

candy bat
candy bat

This is the Candy Bat.

He turned blueberry flavor from… Eating too many blueberries or some crap. Stains your teeth, tho.

He has the malleability of bubble gum.

This is plucked straight from the Sketchbook Friday from many moons ago, with all those dapper bats.

I didn’t do anything particularly crazy with this one. So you better believe that I’ll be revisiting this and putting him in a fantastic suit with manly hands.

It’s simple. There are only a couple colors. Simple high lights not really any darks. Bit of blue and a bit of orange and one sneaky grey and that’s all you need okay?

I put him on Redbubble and I put a different version on TeePublic.

The TeePublic one has a bit of texture added to it. Redbubble’s version is more of a straight up ‘G.

Pasting below some merch if ya wanna scope.

Be good in this world, okay my pals?

candy bat stuff

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