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Sketchbook Friday: Hail to the King

Yuh-oh. It’s time for another… Sketchbook Friday This time the Elephant King is making his debut appearance. He’s a simple fellow. Nice, luxurious robe. Floating crown. Equipped with a sword of glory and grace. I was tinkering with different styles for this. I really wanted it to be a simple drawing. Some of these are too simple. I’m going to …

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Elephant King on Redbubble

Shirt | Wall Tapestry | Laptop Sleeve | iPad Case | Hoodie (back) | Mug | Drawstring Bag | Greeting Card | Just wanted to let my pals know that the Elephant King is uploaded on Redbubble on a bunch of different stuff. Well… All the stuff available. Check out the slider above to see some of the available products! …

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Elephant King of Spades Wielding Blades

elephant king

Elephant King is here. Haveth no fear. The King of Spades wielding dual blades. Elephant King is a siamese nightmare! This guy visited my nightmare one night as I fell into a distant slumber during a couch nap. It was horrifying for some reason. The elephant brothers reflecting one another. Defending their honor. Defending the honor of the spade. I …

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