Elephant King of Spades Wielding Blades

Elephant King is here. Haveth no fear.


The King of Spades wielding dual blades.

Elephant King is a siamese nightmare!

This guy visited my nightmare one night as I fell into a distant slumber during a couch nap. It was horrifying for some reason.

The elephant brothers reflecting one another. Defending their honor. Defending the honor of the spade.

I drew a bunch of variations of this dude. That will be revealed in next weeks Sketchbook Friday. None of them were all that impressive or complex. Very minimal.

I tried to keep the color palette fairly simple. Originally had planned for this boy to be blue, but you know… Things happened.

This was an interesting challenge. I’ve never tried creating a card face before. There was much reflecting and line-weight adjusting. Oh boy, it got confusing.

Really a departure from my normal style. Relatively flat and such. I kinda dig it though. Kinda. If I could get this printed on an actual playing card, that would be dope.

Maybe I’ll try it again with some other characters. House with Duck Feet as the Jack? Nah. That’s dumb.

What would the Jack be in animal kingdom? A hyena? Nah – he’d be the joker. A wildebeest? I have no idea.

Elephant King is available right now on Redbubble, so check it out!

Hope you all had some grand holiday fun! A new year is coming, did you even know that?

So, Happy New Year pals! I hope it’s the best year of your life until the year after that which is even better. And I hope it keeps exponentially getting better each and every year until it quite literally could not get any better. That is my dream and hope for you, my good pal.

Until next time, thanks for tuning in!

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