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All Hail the Juicy Watermelon King, Aha!

juicy watermelon king

The Juicy Watermelon King is here! Aha! All hail and respect his juiciness! No seeds in this king! Just the perfect balance of sweet and sour! Aha!How did he come into power? Was the throne passed down to him from his father!? DID HE CONQUER A NATION TO EARN THE RIGHT TO RULE?Guess we’ll never know.He floats majestically in a …

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Watermelon Too Sour for You, Pal!

watermelon feat

Watermelon? Yeah man! This watermelon dude is growing more sour by the hour. He’s one of the Fruit Pals, all though he doesn’t get along all that well with the others. I mean, look at that scowl. Look at those pointed brows. That’s one sour dude. I had fun with this one. Really enjoyed hammering out the color scheme in …

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