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Enter the Dope-Ness

Feel the dopeness of Dope-Ness. A little simple, fairly uniform drawing I had an idea for after scoping out some cool clothing graphic t-shirts. A more classic cartoon style. Kinda out of my wheel house. Trying to expand into different styles to stretch my brain out if that makes any sense. I came across an old drawing of Gangster Ness …

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Welcome to ErfBOUND Merch

Welcome to ErfBOUND

WELCOME TO ERFBOUND, SON. FUNKY PHRESH NESS WITH HIS GANG OF INTERSTELLAR DUDES NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL SORTS OF PRODUCTS! Look at him, trying to be all gangster with a black eye. He’s really trying hard. Like, too hard. Like he’s about to poop his pants hard. Calm down Ness! Take a breather! Mr. Saturn ready to cut a damn …

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Welcome to Erf (BOUND)

Welcome to Erf

WELCOME TO ERF. WELCOME TO ERF BOUND. Looking PK Fresh over here, spouting fire and crappin’ lightning. PK lightning. Ness fresh to death in his sick Jordans and sideways hat. Mr Saturn chompin’ at the bits to take a bite out of that break-dance floor. My dude Star Man holding up the rear, glistening in the light. This Erf(Bound) squad …

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