Enter the Dope-Ness


Feel the dopeness of Dope-Ness.

A little simple, fairly uniform drawing I had an idea for after scoping out some cool clothing graphic t-shirts. A more classic cartoon style. Kinda out of my wheel house. Trying to expand into different styles to stretch my brain out if that makes any sense.

I came across an old drawing of Gangster Ness from years ago and decided I wanted to do another one. For some reason I’m all about Ness. Think the whole Earthbound series as a whole is pretty cool, super unique, and kinda trippy (which I love). That’s a total of three Ness drawings now. And one Dope-Ness. Very Dope-Ness.

216771859Dove into drawing in some lined note book I found around my house. Seems to be my go to idea book lately. Originally had a plan of drawing him with a yo-yo but ended up switching that in the digital process. More on that later.

Snapped a photo with my phone that pre-existed the big bang and sent it to Adobe Illustrator. Went to town from there and was having a blast until I came to the dude’s dumb little hand. Holy crap this thing gave me a fight.

The hand just started looking very odd for some reason every time I tried to tackle. Finally realized the perspective didn’t make any sense, and that the way his arm was angled would show the back of the hand rather than the front. That means the yo-yo would be flying in the other direction bla bla bla. Anyway, that meant smell ya later Fireball Yo-Yo. But don’t worry , there was still fire in the drawing. PK Fire. Spittin’ dope PK fire rhymes like you know he does. This dope boy means business, alright?

Those graphic t-shirts I was talking about had some cool halftone effects for shading. I tried it out too and I think it came out pretty sweet. Let me keep the drawing at 2-colors! Was really happy with that. Basically set up a transform/repeat of a single dot and duplicated said dot into oblivion. Then expanded the pattern and excluded it with the pathfinder. Some Illustrator jargon for ya’ll. Wanted to do a tutorial on this but my computer can’t handle video recordings right now.

Anyway, Dope-Ness is available on the sites:

Slide through the images below to see it on a variety of products from the shops.

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Pillow | dope-ness pillow
Hardcover Journal | dope-ness journal
Mug | dope-ness mug
iPhone Wallet | dope-ness wallet
Tank | shirt
Shower Curtain | shower curtain
Tote Bag | tote
Stationary Cards | cards
Clock | clock
All Over T-Shirt | all over t shirt
iPhone Skins | phone
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