Welcome to Erf (BOUND)

Welcome to Erf

WELCOME TO ERF. WELCOME TO ERF BOUND. Looking PK Fresh over here, spouting fire and crappin’ lightning. PK lightning.

Ness fresh to death in his sick Jordans and sideways hat. Mr Saturn chompin’ at the bits to take a bite out of that break-dance floor. My dude Star Man holding up the rear, glistening in the light. This Erf(Bound) squad is rearing to go.

This was really hard. Really hard. I couldn’t get any momentum with this little fella. I had to take some inspiration from one of my favorite digital artists and suddenly I was cruising. Tried some new tactics with the halftone shadows. Still not sure if this is done, might even add some background of Onnett. Could call for a re-visit down the line. Who knows.

I’m diggin’ how Mr. Saturn came out.  He is pissed as HELL. Kinda reminds me of a Ren and Stimpy style drawing. Ness’s face is utterly terrifying. Biting down hard on that lip, closing one eye real tight. Looks like he’s trying real hard to hold in or push out a turd. A PK Turd.

And Starman’s just looking the other way, acting like it’s no big deal.  You do what you do with that turd, Ness. You do you.

A really, really strange one — no doubt about it. Lot of fun though. Tried a color palette I am not all too familiar with. I think it sort of came together.

Kinda bummed I’m missing out on #inktober. Oh well. Trying to stay drawing anyways whether it be digital or traditional. I’ll try to post stuff later. Probably some more twisted video game stuff. Wanna do Battletoads, Toejam and Earl, etc.


PS: Welcome to Erf (Bound) is now available at REDBUBBLE ||  SOCIETY6

1ness face
2Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 6.29.54 PM

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