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Real Pitbull

1 fresh pooch. 1 cool boy. Revisited an old one, put a neat hat on him. That gem on the hat! What does it mean? Gave it a cooler temperature. Added some halftone textures. Surprise! Check him out at Redbubble! Also at Spreadshirt for some reason.

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Hey this is a Pitbull. He’s available at Redbubble now! Yahoo! I used some halftone shading on that face. Why don’t ya go scope it out!? Thanks pals!

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Pitbulls Will Forever Be King… Forever

pibulls feat

Pitbulls and premium power. Go together like suns and flowers. Pitbulls with dreams of crossbones and thrones. You know who it is. It’s that charming dog king looking for all sorts of crossbones. It’s all this dude can talk about lately in an oil slick word bubble. This canine is rocking the sweet purple crown, which in true Strange fashion, …

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Pitbull Mummy for #RBpetMonsters

Pitbull Mummy… Adorable. The Pitbull Mummy is my contribution to Redbubble’s #RBpetMonsters contest on Instagram. Basically, people submit pictures of their pets using the hashtag #RBpetMonsters to Redbubble Create’s Instagram and artists turn the pets into adorable monsters. That’s the skinny. A little known fact about myself: I love dogs. More specifically I love pitbulls. I have a pitbull who …

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