Pitbull Mummy for #RBpetMonsters

Pitbull Mummy… Adorable.

pitbull mummy

The Pitbull Mummy is my contribution to Redbubble’s #RBpetMonsters contest on Instagram.

Basically, people submit pictures of their pets using the hashtag #RBpetMonsters to Redbubble Create’s Instagram and artists turn the pets into adorable monsters. That’s the skinny.

A little known fact about myself: I love dogs. More specifically I love pitbulls. I have a pitbull who I love with every fabric of my being.

I saw someone post a picture of a pitbull/boxer mix puppy on the Instagram and I jumped at the opportunity to draw it. (Original sketch pictured below)

Drew this one in Photoshop with the tablet because I felt it called for that technique. Also implemented a it of the pen tool to sketch out some paths for the color blocks.

Really enjoy this color combination. Took me awhile to fall on this particular palette but I’m glad I was patient. Really dig that teal pop.

Do me a favor and check out this Pitbull Mummy at Redbubble. Give it some love. It’d be pretty neat to win this thing! There’s a lot of awesome artists contributing too, so check it out. Also enjoy 20% off everything sitewide today with the code SPOOKY20. Pretty sweet, no?

Be good.

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