Pitbulls Will Forever Be King… Forever

Pitbulls and premium power. Go together like suns and flowers. Pitbulls with dreams of crossbones and thrones.


You know who it is. It’s that charming dog king looking for all sorts of crossbones.

It’s all this dude can talk about lately in an oil slick word bubble. This canine is rocking the sweet purple crown, which in true Strange fashion, magically levitates above his dome piece.

You dare deny this adorable boy his desires? Heh, I don’t think you got it in you.

Pitbulls are my favorite.

Of all time. I have a pitbull and she is my life. Well. Her and my wife. You know. They’re my life.

This was a tiny 0.5 inch by 0.5 inch doodle on a page in my sketchbook that I enjoyed. I put it into Adobe Illustrator and started sketching about with the pen tool, adding some different graphic elements.

It’s pretty simple. But guess what? I don’t even care, pal. I kinda like pumping the brakes on the hyper detailed stuff every now and then. Gotta find that healthy balance, ammirite pal!?

No? Well, okay.


I put this on Redbubble, on Design By Humans and also on TeePublic! So if you’re up to it… Why don’t ya go check em out… Heh.

Until then, have a wonderful life my pals!

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