The Aura of Automation

The Aura of Automation
I’m gonna be straight with ya’ll. I’ve been vector crazy. Insane in the vector game. I’m walkin’ on dangerous ground here folks. Flying without a net. Just stomping straight into the Adobe Illustrator life without sketching out first. Thug life. Monochromatic life. Hazardous life.

This is for the sk8r boi [shout out to my girl Avril Lavigne] who walks into his skate shop and looks for some “dope skulls.” I got your back, son.

May be a bit generic but, eh, I kind of like it.

I sat at my computer like a godam zombie, my eyes shriveling by the light of the monitor. Like raisins in the sun. Aaaall those similes.

For hours I sat, suppressing every bodily function and bodily need, slipping slowly into insanity. Finally, I came out at the other end with a sub par vector drawing.

Was it worth it? Yeah. I TOLD YOU. I’m honing my skills.

Hey guys, it’s good to see you. Let’s keep it up.

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