You know you’re cruisin’ for a bruising’ this time, pal.

It’s Knuckles, he likes to flex his muscles. He’s about to lay the smack down on your candy ass with his spike gloves and metal boots.

I love Knuckles. He’s my favorite Sonic character and when they first introduced him in Sonic & Knuckles ska music just played in my head for 1 week straight. He had the biggest Master emerald a boi had ever seen! You kidding’ me? A floating island too? Chef’s kiss. Such a beaut.

Then he kinda started sucking for awhile after that. Oh well! He’s still my boy and if you’re not down with that get ready for the ultimate beat down and curb stomp from some big steel kickers.

Yes. I referenced the Notre Dame Leprechaun for this young man. Hope ya don’t mind, heh.

See ya around! Have a good life!

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