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THE GROMBIS IS RISING AND DESTRUCTION IS IMMINENT… The secret warrior weapon of the Glombs laid dormant for eons, encased within the magical crystals of an ancient asteroid. Looks like ya dinguses woke it up. So ya better watch out. Made this little ding dong to fill a frame I had laying around down in the basement. It used to …

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Pass the Cheese, Please.

My pal Spazz loves cheese. I always ask him for ideas and he says “make this thing… but out of cheese.” That’s his only idea. Ever. But that’s cool. He’s such a great pal. I made him some cheese designs for his birthday. Various cheeses in various disguises with some Japanese text he’ll never be able to read! He won’t …

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Rubber Ducky Mastermind

This is an idea I had while giving my daughter a bath. I just pictured a fleet of little, yellow rubber ducks floating down a stream with their brains in jars. I drew the picture and, for some reason, my 2 year old daughter didn’t seem to be a big fan of this concept. Couldn’t understand why. Maybe they have …

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You Weren’t Supposed to Know About This Party

Tiki tree forest with bleeding eyes and mouths. I found an old drawing pad from 10 years ago that I hadn’t filled. It had pretty bad drawings in it. I decided to add another bad drawing to it. Filled the whole page, can you believe it? Start to finish. No digital work. Just some pen and ink labor. Lots of …

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Transparent Skin & Power Gems

skinbonesketchprocessa puzzle I got some sweet vellum paper & I wanted to make a double layered drawing. So I drew someone’s skin and someone’s skull. Oh boy! Wasn’t expecting to love the project so much. It’s stupid simple but seeing it come together was fun to me. I love this vellum paper. Still figuring out the best way to print …

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When Pigs Fly Or Something

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Here’s a pig! With an owl on it’s head! Haha, will ya look at that? Drew this after spending about an hour looking at Jeremy Fish’s stuff. He’s a master and I love all his stuff. I got into his work after Aesop Rock’s None Shall Pass. Drew this in the sketchbook, put it in Illustrator and the rest is …

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Gravestone Island! Come for a Visit!

Come one come all to Gravestone Island! This is a floating island that has a gravestone with an eyeball on it. The eyeball will blast ya right out of your shoes so ya better be careful! Went through some older drawings and found the Gravestone rocket I drew. Was never really happy with it, or how the concept was pulled …

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Tiki Trouble: Re-Coloring the Masks

I really liked this design when I first made it. At first I made the decision not to color it but since then I wondered what it would look like color. Since I got the time nowww… So I used a different tactic in coloring this one than usual. Usually I build the line work then merge everything into a …

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Atlas Pizza: Quality That Holds Up

There’s a lot of the things on the “to-do” list that don’t make sense to me. This is one of them. I don’t know why I came up with this and thought it was a good idea to make. In fact, I’m sure this has probably been done before. But godammit I made a promise to myself that I would …

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Ecto Skull!

ANOTHER drippy goopy slimy skull! THE ECTO SKULL puking ectoplasm everywhere!! In fact, he’s so full of ecto, that it’s straight oozing from his eye sockets. So far this is my favorite one. I think it works great on a bunch of products too, like the shirts and pins. Was pretty fun to work on. I was plugging away at …

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