Black Leather Yellow Leather AGAIN?

Black Leather Yellow Leather bonanza!

This is the last time I’ll touch this project. I wanted to see if I could make the designs work on a standard t-shirt. I finally pulled it off. I think Black Leather Yellow Leather: No 1 looks really cool on one too. Check that out below:

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Women’s T-Shirt | black leather
Tank Top | black leather
Men’s T-Shirt | black leather
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Also made variations of inverted colors. Swapped the yellows and blacks to give it a different feel. Funny how much more open the design looks when there is predominately yellow coloring. I’m a little bummed they didn’t have a solid yellow t-shirt though. The one Redbubble has is more of an orange/yellow, so I don’t get that vibrant look that I would have wanted.

I also put the designs on hardcover journals for the first time. I think they look pretty cool too. I’m becoming more comfortable with the format, so I’m trying some new approaches in layouts. Check some of those out below:

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Journal 1 |journal 1
Journal 1 | j3
Journal 2 | j2
Journal 2 | j1
Journal 3 | j1


Journal 3 | j2

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So there you have it. A little more BLYL magic. Now we forever put it to rest. For. Ev. ER. Unless I add an entirely new design, you know?!

I have a hunch that this won’t catch fire, but whatever. I wanted to exhaust every option of these designs.

Check out the BLYL collection here, and scope out the new inverted additions!

I think I gotta start up with new work starting next week. I’ve been slammed lately so I hope you can forgive me! I had quite a day today. Seeing the SPIDER MAN DROP IN THE CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR TRAILER. YEAH! THAT MADE FOR QUITE A DAY. I was rockin’ out in the office going NUTS. Everybody’s like “aw his costume looks dumb” and I’m like “SHUT UP ITS AMAZING.”

That is all.

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