Strange Man Is Here to Save the Day!

strange man

Strange Man, the worst superhero.

He lumbers around in the sky (somehow), looking awfully upset. He never unclenches his fists and his overbite is offensive.

He has super powers, but he doesn’t know how to use them.

His costume smells. Bad. Like mildew. He’s never washed it. His cape is tattered and torn. He is not the super hero you’d want coming to your rescue.

But how did he come to be? What is his origin. I dunno. I think something to do with a Glop gem. Yeah, the gem from the Glop from my other drawing gave him powers or some shit. There. There you go. STRANGE MAN.

He doesn’t look like Superman, so shut up.

This was a quick doodle I did that I thought “meh, why not mess around with it digitally.” I went through about a billion different color schemes. (Click here to see them). I ended up picking this one because of the contrast. Purple was a close second, though. I don’t think the purple really seemed like a good enough costume for Strange Man though. Wasn’t gross enough looking.

I ended up putting this on REDBUBBLE for some reason too. I suspect nothing will ever come of it, but whatever.

This guy is going to be another mascot amongst the likes of the Duck House and Poopenstein. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a throw down between Duck House and Strange Man in the distant future. Worst fight ever.

Take a look at those buildings in the background. Can ya see them? No? LOOK HARDER. THEY’RE THERE, OKAY!?

Anyway, thanks for putting up with Strange Man. If you’re on Facebook and follow the page, thanks for putting up with the seemingly infinite color variations that popped up there. Ya’ll are swell. Ya’ll are… Real swell.

Stay strange, man.

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