Always sketchin'. Always drawin' something rather odd... Rather strange... I work traditionally and digitally. I like Beta Ray Bill and The Hulk. I also like Lobo. There's actually a couple other comic book guys I like too.

Knoxtra “The Human”


This is Knoxtra “The Human”. An inter dimensional war lord or something. He can uh reach through portals or something. He’s got a zipper for a head. He’s evil. I’ve been drawing a lot of projects for my good pals lately which I can’t share because most of them haven’t been gifted yet. Thus I’ve been MIA. For the one …

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I’m going all out folks. I got the new power. I got the motivation. I’m going all out. Welcome to the new era. I’m going to try to be learning some new techniques along the way. You wanna come for the ride or no? Oh boy I’m nervous but LET’S GO.

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Bootleg Luke

Wanted to see if I could do a simple 8-bit animation. I guess it kinda worked. Bootleg Luke. Used the Photoshop animation and imported it into iMovie to add sfx. Kinda wanted to make it like an old Nintendo boss fight beginning or something. There ya have it! Put it on Redbubble too if you’re interested. Don’t know why you …

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Whatchu Workin On?

Right now I have a couple of things in the pipe line. Mostly reviving old projects as my brain is in a fuzz and I’m not feeling all that creative. Seems like a perfect time to re-visit some art prompts. Murder Mouse Murder Mouse process shot I’m revisiting the #drawbanana challenge on Instagram and re-tweaking some desigins. Never got around …

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A Water Glop Pops Up For a Surprise!

…So you thought you could sneak by this Water Glop… A Water Glop from the depths of the ocean floor! The bottom of the trenches… A terrifying creature has made home inside a crater. He certainly doesn’t like to be disturbed much. So please, please leave him be. Who would win in a fight? The Fire Ball King or this …

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The Metal: Available Now

classic t shirttransparent stickersclocksmagnetsmasksmasks The Metal available now at Redbubble and Teepublic check it out!Available on shirts, stickers, masks, magnets, etc

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featured image

THE GROMBIS IS RISING AND DESTRUCTION IS IMMINENT… The secret warrior weapon of the Glombs laid dormant for eons, encased within the magical crystals of an ancient asteroid. Looks like ya dinguses woke it up. So ya better watch out. Made this little ding dong to fill a frame I had laying around down in the basement. It used to …

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Pass the Cheese, Please.

My pal Spazz loves cheese. I always ask him for ideas and he says “make this thing… but out of cheese.” That’s his only idea. Ever. But that’s cool. He’s such a great pal. I made him some cheese designs for his birthday. Various cheeses in various disguises with some Japanese text he’ll never be able to read! He won’t …

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Rubber Ducky Mastermind

This is an idea I had while giving my daughter a bath. I just pictured a fleet of little, yellow rubber ducks floating down a stream with their brains in jars. I drew the picture and, for some reason, my 2 year old daughter didn’t seem to be a big fan of this concept. Couldn’t understand why. Maybe they have …

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You Weren’t Supposed to Know About This Party

Tiki tree forest with bleeding eyes and mouths. I found an old drawing pad from 10 years ago that I hadn’t filled. It had pretty bad drawings in it. I decided to add another bad drawing to it. Filled the whole page, can you believe it? Start to finish. No digital work. Just some pen and ink labor. Lots of …

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