Elephart Brings the Ele-PHUNK


Elephart is BACK and he’s bring that PHUNK.

By popular demand, Elphart pops into the Society6 and Redbubble shops.  A true throw back to my heavier handed days, this one seemed to gather a lot of attention on the Facebook page. Everybody loves elephants. Everybody. If you say you don’t like elephants, you are lying.

Added a little bit of a painterly feel to it. I remember spending hours just painting that background. Not because it was a particularly difficult task, but more so because it was therapeutic. I had a killer brush pack that I used that I have long since lost. Breaks my heart, dude. Breaks my heart.

So the story behind this is that apparently Elephart is afraid of roller coasters, but he doesn’t realize that until he reaches the top of a roller coaster…? I mean. I guess that makes sense? Sure, I’ll buy that.

Little do the people behind him know that everybody’s favorite elephant has messed his elephant trousers. They’re in for a stinky ride down, I guess. Could definitely picture this as a children’s book. Maybe change the subject matter and remove the messing of the trousers.

I think I’m going to start doing more drawings like this. Just for fun. No pressure. No stress. Just start drawing and see where it goes. I won’t have to submit to color limitations. I can mess around with the composition as much as I want. Ah, the freedom of it all. I’m all about that.

ANYWAY. Check out everyone’s favorite cowardly elephant on Redbubble and Society6. I may be off the grid for a bit because I have a couple free lance gigs I gotta take care of. Bare with me! Stay strange.

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