We’re back.


I know whatchya’ll are thinking. What in the name of sweet tart farts is this… “Strange Things Art” you speak of. First of all, shut up, it hasn’t even been that long. Second of all, sorry for abandoning you.

We’ve had catastrophic events that leveled our website and our dreams. But we can rebuild it… Make it stronger… Faster…


So I know what you’re thinking. “Aw, what’s gonna be so different this time around!?” [and I picture you saying that with a snot bubble inflating and deflating from your nose repeatedly]. Well, why don’t you just wait and see? Be patient man, it looks good on you.

I’ve been busy. I’ve been busy honing my skills, sharpening my vectors, learning how to hold a pencil, mastering the art of the stick figure. I’m ready. I hope you are too. Won’t you join us.

Stay strange. KEEP STRANGE.

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  1. Stop the presses! STA is back!!!

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