Sucker punch!

Going along with the whole black and white deal. Maybe I’m just lazy. Throw me a bone, coloring in Illustrator can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Moldin’ shapes and what not. Ferget it. Maybe later. Maybe not.

So another weird dude with random things coming out of his face orifices. That’s a powerful baby living in his dome piece. His face is also drip, drip, droppin all over the summer sidewalk. It should be noted that I was pumping Alanis Morrisette tunes non stop while drawing this. If you EVER tell me that Jagged Little Pill is anything but a flawless album, I’ll see you in the parking lot, kapeesh? And don’t go and tell me that “Ironic” was the best song off of it. Expand your horizons, bro.

The music video: All that Alanis in one car… That’s one angry automobile.

All this talk about a polar vortex got me thinkin’ why not throw some vortexy lines in there? [Patent pending on the word vortexy]. I wish I never did that because that was about a half an hour of my life I’ll never get back.

But it’s done and I’m feelin’ fresh. Fresh to death as the kids say these days. I imagine they say that anyway.

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