Sorry About Your Glop

Sorry About Your Glop
Sorry about your Glop, pal.

Real sorry.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram (if you’re not WHY!?) you know I’ve been battling this drawing for the past week. Ever since I got my giant print of BEHOLD! THE POWER OF GLORB, I’ve wanted to do something in a similar fashion. Except evil. The evil brother of Glorb.

He dwells in an inter-dimensional cave, residing somewhere between time and space. And that hour glass is HIS AND DON’T YOU TRY AND TAKE IT.

His jewel? Oh don’t get me started on his jewel. It has some power or something. All seeing. All knowing. Just like Glorb. Only blue.

What a blast this was to make though. I always love making dudes like this. The somewhat symmetrical types. I think I’m going to make a bit of a series out of these dudes. A family of glops and glorbs!? Sign me the hell up!

Can I tell you something? I put this up on Redbubble and Society6.  I think this is the most proud I’ve ever been of a drawing. Also it’s the most proud I’ve ever been of placement on products. See the slideshow below of Society6 items and see what I mean!

So, I’m sorry I’m not sorry about the glop. Okay? In the meantime here’s some detail shots for you to sink your teeth into. Get up close and personal with the  Glop. Look into the Glop and his gem of unyielding. You should be afraid. Very afraid.

ANYWAY! Check it out on REDBUBS and SOCIETY6. Click the picture above for a larger view. Scope the slideshow below and enjoy the Glop.

Sorry About Your Glop deet 1
Sorry About Your Glop deet 2
Sorry About Your Glop deet 3
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Pillow | Sorry About Your Glop pillow
Travel mug | Sorry About Your Glop Travel mug
iPhone Case/Skin | Sorry About Your Glop iphone
All Over Print Shirts | Sorry About Your Glop all over tee
Shower Curtain | Sorry About Your Glop shower curtain
Throw Blanket | Sorry About Your Glop blanket
Mug | Sorry About Your Glop mug
Stationary Cards | Sorry About Your Glop Stationary cards
Tote Bag | Sorry About Your Glop tote bag
iPad Case | Sorry About Your Glop iPad
Unisex Tank Top | Sorry About Your Glop tank top
Leggings | Sorry About Your Glop Leggings
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