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Graffiti Breath, a throw back from 2013, now available at that sweet, sweet Redbubble shop.

A severed, tiki-esque head breathing out some funky-fresh CO2. Started as a pen doodle on the back of a wine price tag. Smuggled that sucker home and scanned the HELL outta it. Threw him into Photoshop and you know what? I digitized that somebitch. Graffiti breath breathing all up in your face, disrespecting your personal space. He doesn’t believe in your bubble.

What is wrong with me?

Relatively simple. Aggressive on textures. Truly a throw back to my earlier style.

My buddy Little Davey and I were in a band and we had this neat little song called… Can you guess… Graffiti Breath. It was a fast paced, punkish, rock song. At the time, I was trying to do some weird illustration for every song we had (See also: Bronze Eye, Hatchet Hand, Red Cloud… etc.). Those were the days. What a waste. It even involved some cool flanger/wah pedal dives during a breakdown or something.  We never did get to play it live or record it for that matter. Truly a bummer.

This is a drawing that looks surprisingly good on the graphic tee, which is pretty hard to do sometimes. Had to tweak the composition a bit. Made him puking purple haze graffiti breath from the bottom up. The pattern in the background repeats well too, so it looks decent on duvets.

Anyway, check out Graffiti Breath at the Redbubble shop if you want. Give it a favorite. Every little bit helps, you know! Going to try to start putting some new stuff up soon. I’ll even get a Whatchu Workin On up next week if I am not crushed mercilessly by the holiday season. Until then my coolest of cool dudes, stay tuned and stay strange! YAAAAY!

UPDATE: Now available at Society 6 as well!

Graffiti Breath

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