Owl See You Later Available Now!

owl see you later

Owl See You Later available now and updated in the Redbubble shop! Oh boy what joy!

This one is a bit on the older side. It was a pioneer design in the Spreadshirt days. A little less gruesome and or disturbing than I usually draw, but whatever! Everyone needs an owl wearing mustache glasses holding an ancient scroll that reads “hey” every now and then, right? Incognito owl who is actually quite friendly. And who is actually drawing quite a lot of attention to himself. What’s the point of the glasses dude!? What’s the point!?

I picture this one a design more for the kiddies, so I made it available on children’s apparel. I think the flat, cardboard cut-out style is fun to do. Might revisit that one soon.

I know what you’re thinking: “but if the title is ‘Owl See You Later,’ then why does the ancient scroll read ‘HEY’? Shut up, that’s why. I just wanted to use that pun for the title. You gotta understand, if there is a pun to be had, I will have it.

This one had been sitting around the shop for awhile collecting dust. I decided to re-tweak the design, add a dark background, and have some stuff pattern infinitely. It looks half way decent in a pattern. It’s also available on every single format, including leggings (looks super creepy) and duvet covers.

Check out Owl See You Later in the Redbubble shop now. Slap a sticker on your chalkboard! Sip out of your travel mug (be careful not to get the avian flu). Rock it on your pencil skirt! WHATEVER! I don’t care! Just check it out, man!

Hope you have a wondrous holiday filled with… Wonder… And joy!

Until next time, OWL SEE YOU LATER! HA HA HA HA HA! Just kiddin’.

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