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Bootleg Luke’s Featured Merch: Embrace the Quirky Side of Roguery

Get ready to meet Bootleg Luke The roguish fox who’s about to whisk you away on an art adventure darker and quirkier than a raccoon’s midnight caper in a trash can. Prepare yourself for a collection of featured merch that’s as unconventional as Bootleg Luke himself! Bootleg Luke Art Prints: A Peek Behind the Patch Our art prints offer an …

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MC Hammer Bro on REDBUBBLE!

Floor Pillow | Acrylic Block | Stickers | Premium T-Shirt | Laptop Sleeve | Contrast Top | Journal | ALERT! BEWARE! What a news flash oh boy. We got a sweet MC Hammer Brother available at Redbubble! Ya ever heard of a classic acrylic block? Heh we got that. You better believe we got that. Maybe you’re looking for a …

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Elephant King on Redbubble

Shirt | Wall Tapestry | Laptop Sleeve | iPad Case | Hoodie (back) | Mug | Drawstring Bag | Greeting Card | Just wanted to let my pals know that the Elephant King is uploaded on Redbubble on a bunch of different stuff. Well… All the stuff available. Check out the slider above to see some of the available products! …

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Spruce the Moose Merch

Wall Tapestry | Stickers | Drawstring Bag | Throw Pillow | Contrast Tank | Hardcover Journal | Tri-Blend T-shirt | iPhone Case/Skin | Clock | Duvet Cover | Laptop Sleeve | Mug | Ladies and gents. Here he is. The master of disaster. SPRUCE THE MOOSE. BEHOLD his glory on many things available at that sweet, sweet Redbubble shop. Got …

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Contrast Tanks for you to snag

Fresh Pineapple | Great Horned Owl | Bye | FEED ME YOUR PLANETS | We Are Not Alone | Astro Brachiosaurus | eyePhone | Bamber Man’s Last Stand | Irradiated Gorilla Brains | Contrast Tanks for you to snag! They’re here! They’re at the Redbubble shop! I’m digging the Contrast Tanks, mainly because I have completely control over their background color. That’s pretty cool right? Redbubble’s been pumping …

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Chiffon Tops at the RB

chiffon feat

Great Horned Owl | FEED ME YOUR PLANETS | Irradiated Gorilla Brains | Liquid Fever | How To Make a Homemade Mummy | BLYL#1 Inverse| eyePhone | Chiffon tops are now available at Redbubble for all you sexy ladies out there. Or dudes too! If you like chiffon tops! They have actually been there for a bout a month now. …

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Products This Week!

Added to the Redbubble shop this week! How to Make a Homemade Mummy and Gopher Guts. Both tributes to Aesop Rock songs. Check out some products in the sliders below! Shirt |          Graphic Tee | Hardcover Journal | Duvet Cover [King] | Throw Pillow | Laptop Skin | iPad Case/Skin | iPhone Skin/Case | Laptop Sleeve |  Shirt | …

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Worm Merch Available Now

worm featured

Worm By Any Other Name available now at Redbubz and Society 6. Everybody’s favorite earth worm in a mechanical muscle man suit with a backpack full of snot. Maybe it’s a drawstring backpack full of snot. Society6 is KILLING IT WITH THIS DESIGN. Maybe I’m just happy to see a design look decent on leggings and the all over tee, …

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Tearing Me Apart Lisa Available Now!


LISA! You’re tearing me apart! Just updated this sucker in the Redbubz shop and it came out kinda cool on some of the later additions. Kind of a generic idea, but I dig it. Did this drawing back in 2012 or ’13. Back when I was doing some skateboard-esque style designs. Like some sort of dumb World Industries character that …

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CANT BE BEET Now Available

cant be beet

CANT BE BEET. WONT BE BEET. Awwwwww hell no! Not this guy! Not that grumpy veggie! You done plucked the wroooong root hombre! Get ready for a BEET down, because CANT BE BEET angrily gnarls his way into the Redbubz shop! I feel like I’m announcing a new Super Smash Brothers character. I thought this drawing was buried forever (pun …

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