Undead Unicorn Merch Available Now!

Undead Unicorn

Undead Unicorn FINALLY made it’s way to the Redbubble shop. Took me long enough, considering it had been living at Society 6 for a number of months. Go figure.

One of my personal favorites of the Awful Alphabet, Undead Unicorn is a disturbing mess of a letter, complete with bloated and veiny udders and a warped and twisted horn. Udder-ly disgusting! Am I right?

This gnarly dude looks pretty sweet on the products though. If undead things are your cup of tea, definitely check it out. If unicorns are your things, definitely check it out. If an undead unicorn is your thing, well then, look no further.

This one seemed to be a fan favorite as well which makes me wonder why it took me so long to make it available as prints and other things. Guess I just dropped the ball a bit, heh.

But, hey, guess what guys! That’s a wrap! That’s every damn letter of the Awful Alphabet now uploaded to the bubz. I’m just as shocked as you are, as well as mildly relieved. That’s a lot of work! I might even have to go in and make sure every letter is available for every product, because Redbubble has added some stuff since I started uploading. Will it ever end? Most likely not, but I’m okay with that.

Anyway, hop on over to Redbubz to check out Undead Unicorn.

My next (and final) upload under the Awful Alphabet umbrella will be a poster including every single letter as requested. Now, I’m having a bit of difficulty deciding how to go about this. Do I just throw every complete composition on a giant rectangle with their respective background included? Or do I take every letter individually and put them on a giant rectangle without their backgrounds… Maybe just a solid black? I don’t know guys! Haaaahlp.

Stay tuned, stay strange. I’ll figure it out.

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