Sketchbook Friday #2: Eye of the Beholder

Second installment of Sketchbook Friday!

Here’s a peak at how the MAGIC DAGGER was conceptualized.

Felt like adding splashes of colors to this page for some reason. I like red, black and white. It pops.

Played around with some names too. The especially cheesy “Prisoner’s Shiv” was cropped out of this image unfortunately. Instagram only let’s you format in a square! You’re not missing anything special.

Also found an old Papermate-fabric-tipped-blue-marker. Had some fun with that too. Don’t usually draw or mess around with markers but it’s something I want to get more into. I’d love a set of Copic markers.

This was a fun page. Ripped it out in the earlier stages. Scanned it. Taped it back in. Decided I wanted to fill the page more, thus the random white squares toward the binding.

I dig it. Having fun in the sketchbook. Just in time for #inktober.

Tools Used: Pigma Mircons 01, 02, & 05 (black). Pigma Micron 03 (blue) Cheap Papermate blue marker. Faber-Castell Pitt liners. Twin-tipped red marker (brand escapes me).

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