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Sketchbook Friday: Diving Deep.

Welcome to another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. You guys voted for a scuba sloth, and here are the early stages. Gonna be a wild ride getting this boy to work. Thank you so much for all the participation on Facebook, I really enjoy it. Tool: Papermate Precision 0.7

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Sketchbook Friday: Clouded Judgement, Heh.

Another SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY in the books. Cloud Jerk won the Facebook poll by a thin margin. This nimbus boi is looking for the nearest flip cup game. You think vaping is cool? This boy is MADE of vape. Anyway check him out on Redbubble. The color scheme is a trip. Check out @Danxdraws on instagram too. He inspired it. Tools: …

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Sketchbook Friday: Gamer Gunk ughhhhh

A classic case of that gamer gunk that gets inside all your controllers. Maybe even your keyboards!? UGH! Welp it’s another Sketchbook Friday and I don’t know if you’re like my and letting out a big YAHOOO for the weekend but I certainly hope you are, heh. This page started as a submission to a digital sticker contest for Redbubble …

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Sketchbook Friday: Driving You Batty… With Style

Are you nuts? Are you… Batty!? It’s Sketchbook Friday. This is a dapper bat gentleman. Not a bat man. A bat gentleman. I think bats are cool. I’m not sure if anything will truly come of these bat doodles, but one thing is for sure… He has to be in a suit. Otherwise the drawing would be guano. You know? …

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Sketchbook Friday #6: Coffee & Tentacles

Welcome to another rousing edition of SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY. This is a drawing of tentacles coming out of a coffee mug… For some reason. It’s also the birthplace of BAG OF BONES. How exciting. There’s also a cyborg skull being defragmented. Destroyed. Scattered amongst the digital realm. I used a Sharpie on that guy and implemented a bit of the stippling, …

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Sketchbook Friday #2: Eye of the Beholder

sketchbook featured

Second installment of Sketchbook Friday! Sketchbook friday! How the magic dagger was conceptualized . . . . #sketch #sketchbook #magicDagger #magic #dungeonsanddragons #eyeball #marker #red #blue #illustrator #rough #concept #conceptart #medival #dagger #sword #knife A photo posted by Strange Things Art (@strangethingsa) on Sep 30, 2016 at 8:43am PDT Here’s a peak at how the MAGIC DAGGER was conceptualized. Felt …

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Sketchbook Friday #1

sketchbook friday 1

Every Friday I’ll post a page of a sketchbook. Here’s the first installment. This is pretty much where the Frog King was born. But even after I did the digital version I decided I wanted to fill the entire page. I’m trying to fill pages of sketchbooks to their entirety now. You know, go green and all that. And it …

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