Sumo… Sumo… SUMO TIME!

It’s sumo time…



This was one made for my pal, who suggested I do a sumo drawing. I drew a ton of little doodles in my sketch book. Decided to use all of the sweet sumos in a pattern.

Look at that cherubic one standing up straight. That heart warming smile!

sumo sketches
original pen sketches

If you guys want to see something drawn, just ask me okay? I like to draw. I like you guys. So it’s kind of a win win really.

(Plus, it’s welcomed practice. I’ve never drawn sumos before. Now I realize that I love drawing sumos.)

I used a different technique than usual here, too. I doodled these guys as thumbnails, scanned them in, blew them up, and painted them digitally. Now, you guys know me —  I’ve been on a vector tear lately.

Let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC to get into the pixel realm again.

Something about mixing colors with different opacity, using whacky brushes and adding subtle textures really gets me pumped up. So needless to say, these chunky dudes were a welcomed suggestion.

Also had fun making them into a pattern. It’s pretty ridiculous. Got a whole variety of sumos in all shapes and sizes just ready to plaster on your iPhone.

So anyway, my pals. I hope you enjoyed this little addition to my archives. It’s something a little bit different, but kinda fun.

Tomorrow’s a SKETCHBOOK FRIDAY so get ready! I don’t even know what it’s going to be really, so I guess that’s sort of exciting.

Alright my dudes. I’ll catch you later YAHOO!

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