mummys amulet

THE MUMMYS AMULET. Buried deep in a lost tomb covered by piles and piles of radioactive sand that was struck by an ancient meteorite. Or something. THE COMBINATION OF RADIATION, ANCIENTNESS, AND A MYTHICAL MAGIC BRINGS ULTIMATE POWER TO THE ARTIFACT.

The Mummys Amulet is a lost relic sought after by Poopenstein Inc. Dr. Poopenstein has been scouring the sands for years with his robotic minions to uncover it and add it to his collection of devastating weapons!

That’s the story. There you go.

Drew this sucker with a ballpoint pen not thinking anything of it. Decided to spruce up my Wacom tablet settings and digitally ink it up. Even caught the process! Drawing in 600 dpi makes the Wacom react better to pressure sensitivity, I’ve found. I’ll post the original drawing and some details at a later date. If you care.

Tried something new with the circle thing around him. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Went in and erased it with a hard brush to keep it true to the rest of the design and give it that cleaner feel. Also slapped a halftone behind him, because, you know, I love halftones.

Not sure how I feel about the color palette. Seems to standard for me. I’m thinking I might go back and try some variations — maybe release some limited edition prints if anyone’s even into that stuff.

My dude at Dylan at Titus Compositions did the track for the video. He’s insanely talented and you should check out all his stuff here. Make sure you give his album FLAVORS a download too.

Available at REDBUBBLE and SOCIETY6. Looks great on your pillow. Looks sweet on your mug. Looks fresh on your bedspread. Looks cool on your rug.

Check out the process video by Titus Compositions below.

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