Ghost Drifter

Ghost Drifter

GHOST DRIFTER: Driftin’ into your house, turnin’ your dreams into SCREAMS. Imagine this dude just floating over your bed while you’re trying to catch some Z’s? Illuminating your entire room. Cackling with no vocal chords somehow. It’s like “pal, I’m trying to get some shut eye here. Do ya mind!” Inconsiderate spooks am I right?

A flaming skull… Does it remind you of a certain comic book hero? Does Nicholas Cage come to mind perhaps? IT SHOULDN’T. BECAUSE THIS IS GHOST DRIFTER. NOT THAT OTHER GUY.

I’m trying to keep up with drawing every day. Drawlloween (spelling?) is happening. Inktober is happening. I’m falling behind.

Managed to pump out this though. Reconfigured my tablet so it draws like a dream! Managed to keep the color palette limited too! This was a lot of fun, guys! In fact it was rather therapeutic. Something about drawing skulls. Something about drawing… Ghost drifter…

Going to be doing a lot more Photoshop drawings. I need a break from the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. I’m not feeling how the tablet is working in that program either, so I might have to do some tweaking which I don’t have time for right now.

Like I said on Facebook, I will do every Drawloween drawing. I won’t finish it by the time October’s over, but I need a personal goal in the distance to work toward. OH BOY OH JOY! I have a lot of work to do, no?


You gotta check it out on some of the stuff. The tee shirt is fire (heh). The drawstring bags are hot (heh)! And did you see those hard cover journals?! They’re really… Cool. AWW YEAH GOTCHA THAT TIME!! Spook your friends this Hallowseve… Control the Ghost Drifter. He is yours to command.

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