Creature From Some Lagoon

creature from some lagoon

The creature from some lagoon. Floating feverishly through a sea of fervid red! A smelly fish man wishes he were dead!

Such poetic fluidity. Such powerful lyrics.

This little sucker was an inktober drawing from last year that I just got around to digitalizing (if that is even a word). I feel bad that I haven’t been able to keep up with the inkober/drawloween thing what with the whole planning a wedding. Really bums me out. I never felt more inspired during last year’s Inktober. I loved seeing everyone’s killer inks. It was a truly humbling experience. How people are so talented I’ll never understand. And then you add Drawloween into that?! That’s super cool too. People put such cool twists on your every day Halloween creatures. There are some seriously creative people out there guys! Check them out for cripes sake!

I’m pretty happy with how this came out. Took a trip back to the complimentary color zone. Took a trip back to the Adobe Illustrator brush zone too. Gotta say, I like inking in Photoshop a bit better. Illustrator I like using for the pen tool more. I just wanted to take a break from the monotony of anchor points and bezier handles for it bit and try something a little out of my comfort zone.

I like the sea of red and I like how the fish dude’s head came out. It’s a pretty simplistic drawing but, meh. I dig it.

Hey it even got me featured in the All Art Appreciated group on Redbubble so that’s cool right?

Expect some more stuff fun stuff soon hopefully. Got a lot of busy stuff coming up but I hope to pump out some quality work here and there, okay?

Check out The Creature from Some Lagoon on different products at SOCIETY6 & REDBUBBLE

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