Whatchu Workin On : HAPPY NEW YEAR

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Whatchu Workin on dis New Year?

A dog-skull-bat with wings? A Chaos Emerald in nerd glasses? Another cyclops breathing fire?

All of the above. My goal for this year is to make some good looking Graphic Tees. I’m talking really working on composition and color management. The goal for the one I’m doing right now [detail shot above] is to be one flat color, although that will probably change later on. Some more details below.

I’m also thinking maybe I’ll start doing some limited edition stuff. Like open a shop and just pump out three or four prints of one thing, number, sign ’em, and call it a damn day. I’m not sure if anyone would be into that or not.

Anyway, hope to really pump out some new things this year. I always say that but, you know, stuff happens. Really want to hone the craft. Really want to release some killer shirts. Want to draw more twisted video game stuff. Really want to illustrate some Aesop Rock lyrics and some RTJ lyrics. Want to draw some Ninja Turtle dudes. Want to make a comic or two. Want to collab with some bad ass dudes.

Thanks for sticking with me. Stay strange and stay tuned.

1Whatchu workin on

2Whatchu workin on

3Whatchu workin on

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