Whatchu Workin On?

Right now I have a couple of things in the pipe line. Mostly reviving old projects as my brain is in a fuzz and I’m not feeling all that creative. Seems like a perfect time to re-visit some art prompts.

Murder Mouse

Murder Mouse process shot

I’m revisiting the #drawbanana challenge on Instagram and re-tweaking some desigins. Never got around to finishing up Murder Mouse, so I’m working on coloring that. Trying to take it into Photoshop, working with halftone patterns and trying to find a color palette I like. It’s been tough so far but I’m liking where it’s headed.

Hoping to have it finished up this week. Here’s a short video of some of the process:

Sailor Moon Re-draw

Recently went back and re-worked the coloring for the #sailormoonredraw challenge too. Added some textures and really fine tuned it.

To my surprise, this is my most liked and shared thing on Instagram to this date and it seems to be still going. This is a lot of likes for me so I’m humbled. Thank you all!

Ooze Bot 2000

I also went back and revisited the Ooze Bot. I re-colored it in Illustrator with gradient this time and new color palette. Then I dumped it into Photoshop for the finishing touches. Added a metal texture which I bitmapped down, tweaked the background and voilà.

The new Ooze Bot 2000 is available on Redbubble.

What are you all workin on? Let me know!

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