Ghouls, Ghosts, Gems & Daggers


Ghouls. Ghosts. Gems. Daggers.

Need I repeat myself!? 1 color drawing. I did it. One color. Is it too bland for ya? Then you can GEEEETOUUUT. These ghastly dudes were no joke to figure out, ok?

I wanted to make something relatively symmetrical so it would look cool on… Stuff. I wanted to do something with monsters and ghosts and things to that extent.

I love those little ghost dudes, mouths wide open going “aahh.” That’s it. Nothing scary. Almost dumb sounding. That dog bat face though. That’s gross. That drool coming from its mouth was a last minute addition and I don’t know if I am feeling it. The gem’s nerd glasses were also a last minute addition. Yes. I’m aware absolutely nothing that is going on here makes sense.

Look at that bone at the bottom. Straight up SNAPPED. Not even a clean break either. Just jagged little fractures jutting out everywhere. Yikes. Talk about a fish bone leg breaker you know!? Check out the detail shots below.

Uploaded this guy to the Redbubz and I think it looks pretty swell, lemme tell you.

Uploaded it to Society 6 too.

This was different for me. A little out of my comfort zone. One color? You joking? That’s scary, bro. I think it works to a certain extent though. I think it works well enough that I may try to do another one in the very near future… Like start it tonight. Yeah! More one color mayhem coming your way TODAY.

Or maybe I’ll do two. I don’t know. Give it a little more depth? That sounds good. Ok: Two color mayhem coming your way TODAY.

But it probably won’t be done today. So maybe more like… Tomorrow… But I have to work my second job tomorrow so…


Until then, stay tuned and stay strange!






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