Yeti In A Snowstorm Ice Cream

So I guess the name of the company would be Yeti In A Snowstorm. And they’d make organic ice cream from… Boston?

  • yeti in a snow storm ice cream cover idea
  • yeti in a snowstorm ice cream mock up
  • yeti in a snow storm orginal drawing

When I get mentally fried trying to work out new ideas , I tend to go back to the old ones. Can you guess that I’m mentally fried? I went through my folder of all my drawings and found the Yeti In A Snowstorm drawing I drew years ago.

I’m starting to do this weird thing where I’m asking myself how I can apply my old useless drawings to a product of some sort. Thus the Fruit Pals beer, and all the mock ups I’ve been posting lately.

I thought “what could I apply this turd to?” Ice cream I guess. I did some digging for some templates and then took off. The mock up I found was AWESOME and super easy to use.

I edited the original design because this precious little yeti boy deserved a beautiful ice crown. I designed the packaging bouncing back and fourth between Photoshop and Illustrator. Have I mentioned that I need to upgrade my Illustrator and Photoshop? Well, I do. Desperately.

Threw in some text, but it’s not there yet. One thing is for sure — I need to actually design a decent logo if this is going to be an ongoing faux company I’m designing things for.

I uploaded this to Redbubble a really long time ago. No one ever even looked at it once.

I think the precious yeti boy is better suited as a mascot for a fake ice cream company rather than a one off t-shirt.

I’m trying to finish off the list but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do Elemental Peas. I have two drawings done, but am struggling with a few. I thought it was a good idea at the time… But now not so much.

What a ramble! Take care I love you goodbye!

Try this...

fruit pals featured image

NEW RELEASE: Fruit Pal Beers!

The Fruit Pals are back and they're also beers now!

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