Couple’a Holographic Stickers

I got 2 stickers that are pretty sweet and pretty holographic. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Strange Things Art (@strangethingsa) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Strange Things Art (@strangethingsa) If ya want them drop me a line.

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I’m going all out folks. I got the new power. I got the motivation. I’m going all out. Welcome to the new era. I’m going to try to be learning some new techniques along the way. You wanna come for the ride or no? Oh boy I’m nervous but LET’S GO.

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Whatchu Workin On?

Right now I have a couple of things in the pipe line. Mostly reviving old projects as my brain is in a fuzz and I’m not feeling all that creative. Seems like a perfect time to re-visit some art prompts. Murder Mouse Murder Mouse process shot I’m revisiting the #drawbanana challenge on Instagram and re-tweaking some desigins. Never got around …

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Yeti In A Snowstorm Ice Cream

yeti in a snowstorm featured image

So I guess the name of the company would be Yeti In A Snowstorm. And they’d make organic ice cream from… Boston? When I get mentally fried trying to work out new ideas , I tend to go back to the old ones. Can you guess that I’m mentally fried? I went through my folder of all my drawings and …

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NEW RELEASE: Fruit Pal Beers!

fruit pals featured image

The Fruit Pals are back and they're also beers now!

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Monkey Pizza Surfer

monkey pizza featured image

Monkey Pizza Surfer was a tough one. As you know if you follow STA on facebook, this is one on my list that has been on there for awhile. I’ve been trying to draw it since the beginning of the lock down. I kept getting frustrated and stepping back. I couldn’t figure out how to get the monkey to ride …

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El Diablo vs El Cíclope Gigante

featured image

This was a fun one. Originally planned to draw a segmented drawing in a separated grid. I didn’t end up following through with that concept, and I still want to use it in the future. Somehow using a grid liked this helped me figure out the composition though, so that was cool. Dumped it into my ancient Illustrator and went …

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Tiki Trouble: Re-Coloring the Masks

I really liked this design when I first made it. At first I made the decision not to color it but since then I wondered what it would look like color. Since I got the time nowww… So I used a different tactic in coloring this one than usual. Usually I build the line work then merge everything into a …

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THE CAN MAN IS HERE. BEWARE!!! This guy started off in a sketchbook I from 5th grade. He was swinging on a vine throwing a Diet Pepsi to a imprisoned genie. All the genies in said sketchbook were asking for Diet Pepsis for some reason. There were a lot of weird themes running through this book. Wish I were that …

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Building a Royal Family: Chess Pieces

Next on the list was to design chess pieces. heavy handed sketch Started off per usual with the sketchbook, pumping out some very heavy handed doodles. The Pawn is like a little nerd worker dude. The Rook is a beefy castle that looks like a WHOMP from Mario. The Knight is, of course, Luke the Donkey (I’ll upload more about …

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