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Bootleg Luke’s Featured Merch: Embrace the Quirky Side of Roguery

Get ready to meet Bootleg Luke The roguish fox who’s about to whisk you away on an art adventure darker and quirkier than a raccoon’s midnight caper in a trash can. Prepare yourself for a collection of featured merch that’s as unconventional as Bootleg Luke himself! Bootleg Luke Art Prints: A Peek Behind the Patch Our art prints offer an …

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I’m Afraid I Am the Future Man Stuff

a hat for the futurea clock for the futurea pad for the futurea sticker for the future I‘m Afraid I Am the Future Man stuff is available at Redbubble. Accept your inevitable future man

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Bootleg Luke

Wanted to see if I could do a simple 8-bit animation. I guess it kinda worked. Bootleg Luke. Used the Photoshop animation and imported it into iMovie to add sfx. Kinda wanted to make it like an old Nintendo boss fight beginning or something. There ya have it! Put it on Redbubble too if you’re interested. Don’t know why you …

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Rubber Ducky Mastermind

This is an idea I had while giving my daughter a bath. I just pictured a fleet of little, yellow rubber ducks floating down a stream with their brains in jars. I drew the picture and, for some reason, my 2 year old daughter didn’t seem to be a big fan of this concept. Couldn’t understand why. Maybe they have …

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Transparent Skin & Power Gems

skinbonesketchprocessa puzzle I got some sweet vellum paper & I wanted to make a double layered drawing. So I drew someone’s skin and someone’s skull. Oh boy! Wasn’t expecting to love the project so much. It’s stupid simple but seeing it come together was fun to me. I love this vellum paper. Still figuring out the best way to print …

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Laser Snail: Technology meets nature or something.

laser snail featured image

Laser snail gonna zap your ass into dust. I’m beggin’ you not to mess with him. Mockup psd created by zlatko_plamenov – www.freepik.com A slippery little snail that packs a mean punch. Its shell encases an enormous laser cannon powered by a fusion engine! Ya better watch out! The laser snail may be slow but the blast sure as heck …

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Yeti In A Snowstorm Ice Cream

yeti in a snowstorm featured image

So I guess the name of the company would be Yeti In A Snowstorm. And they’d make organic ice cream from… Boston? When I get mentally fried trying to work out new ideas , I tend to go back to the old ones. Can you guess that I’m mentally fried? I went through my folder of all my drawings and …

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El Diablo vs El Cíclope Gigante

featured image

This was a fun one. Originally planned to draw a segmented drawing in a separated grid. I didn’t end up following through with that concept, and I still want to use it in the future. Somehow using a grid liked this helped me figure out the composition though, so that was cool. Dumped it into my ancient Illustrator and went …

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BIG TIGER: The Jungle Cat That Keeps On Giving

big tiger

I think I started making this BIG TIGER back in 2009 for my wife and never finished it because my computer crashed.Now, 10 (almost 11) years later, I have a daughter who loves tigers. I felt it was my duty to draw her a tiger. This isn’t all that kid friendly in style but she seems to like it so …

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Spook U.

spook u

The ghost of a spookster who was once too cool for even you. You’ve heard of Casper the friendly ghost right? GET A GRIP. This guy isn’t here to make friends and doesn’t care if you’re trying to pal around! He wanders the after life, not even giving a single heck. He’s not looking to impress. He’s looking to say …

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