Fish Music Singing Under the Sea

Listen to that Fish music go… Like that song from the Little Mermaid.. But not as good.

fish music

Fish Music! You’re favorite kind!

This guys tickling the ivories like you wouldn’t believe. However, his voice leaves something to be desired.

He also shoots wobbling laser beams from his eyes and never actually looks down at his hands.

Why? Because he’s too busy breathing smoke into the depths of the ocean. The science doesn’t make sense you say? Please be quiet.

I drew this little fella in my sketchbook in pencil thinking I’d never visit him again. Then #inktober2016 rolled around and I said to myself “Let’s get dirty.”

Using an arsenal of Microns, Graphic Pens, and brush tip markers I traced everyone’s favorite fish boy. I busted out the old Speed Ball ink and a paint brush to give it a wash background. When I say old I mean OLD too. That stuff was like painting with gum. Apparently I didn’t store it correctly.

For the bubbles I used a paint pen which was an enormous pain in the ass. I think it also ruined my scanner forever. It was such a sticky mess that refused to dry. I need to invest in a white Gelly Roll liner. I’ve heard nothing but good things. Get me one for my half birthday (which is coincidentally on Christmas).

Fish music was kind of an experimental piece that I’m glad I continued with. I had a lot of fun trying out different techniques and figuring out ways to use new tools.

As of late I’ve really been pouring most of my attention into my sketchbook. It’s a good outlet and it’s very therapeutic.

I have some big news. But I won’t share it here yet. Sorry. I’m very excited. I’ll post next week about it.

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