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Brutal Unicorn

unicorn feat

Ooooof this brutal unicorn is ready to saw you to pieces A mean sneer sending you running for the hills. A chainsaw instead of a horn! Who would have thought? I’m happy I finally put this into creation. The idea has been brewing in my brain tank for months. I keep a check list of ideas in my phone and …

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Undead Unicorn Merch Available Now!

Undead Unicorn

Undead Unicorn FINALLY made it’s way to the Redbubble shop. Took me long enough, considering it had been living at Society 6 for a number of months. Go figure. One of my personal favorites of the Awful Alphabet, Undead Unicorn is a disturbing mess of a letter, complete with bloated and veiny udders and a warped and twisted horn. Udder-ly …

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U is for Undead Unicorn Udders

U is for Undead Unicorn Udders. Utterly ridiculous. This one was really hard for some reason. I was all confident because I had a good base sketch, but once I went into the coloring I got overwhelmed. Still not sure it’s right for this one. But you know, I can always change it because vectors are awesome. Special thanks to …

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