Zombie Monkey, Tho!

zombie monkey tho

Zombie Monkey, tho. A little spittle running down his mouth. Eyes full of wonder and glee, one spiraling out of control. His ears — stomped and chomped. A small little crack in his dome piece. That Zombie Monkey, tho…

Maybe the origin of the zombie apocalypse, no? Maybe he started it all? Like you know, ebola? The monkeys were in charge of that one right? RIGHT? Am I making this up!? EBOLA!?


Anyway, he’s little vector dude I made for a side project. He didn’t end up getting used so, VIOLA! Here he is. Zombie Monkey looking sick. Literally. Like he’s about to vom-bomb all over your cherubic face. Would you even be mad? Look how cute he is.

Could picture this little fella working as a logo or a mascot of some sort. A gross little dude representing your company. Probably would look pretty sweet as stickers too.

I uploaded him to Redbubble and I think he looks pretty neat. Check him out on a graphic tee — he’s looking sharp as all hell over and over and over again.

Anyway, Awful Alphabet is almost entirely up on Redbubble. I think I just need the letter “U.” Can U believe it! HAHAHAHAHA! Um. Then maybe I’ll release a special edition. Who knows! Not me! Tee hee!

Those holidays are coming up, tho. So I hope ya’ll are ready! Me? Nah. I haven’t done a damn thing. Just been sitting on my fat ass, watching WWE and eating salmon fillets until I can’t eat anymore. Well, that’s what I was doing last night. I gotta get on that gift snatching! I got so many people to buy shiny new things for!

Happy belated birthday to Spazzalino by the way. He’s such a good pal and such a good friend. OOH! WAH! YAHOO!

Well, until next time, stay strange.

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