Whatchu Workin’ On (10/1/15)

welcom to erf

Hey suckas, here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been up to. And happy start of #inktober to you all!

Been dipping back into the vector pond. Giving a nod to some more of my favorite video game characters and ruining them completely. Video game characters like…


Sweet James, the earthworm. I loved EWJ as a kid. It was so creative and inspiring to me. So, I decided to make him look like he was drunk and maybe had a learning disability. I don’t know. This is just what happens.

I hit a brick wall with this one, so I’m going to let it simmer for a bit before I jump back into it.


In other news: I fixed the pressure sensitivity issue in Manga Studio, and I’m learning how to draw with it! With a little practice, I think this could be my favorite platform to illustrate on. Really excited to get going with that. Stay tuned.


Got my Donkey Krang mug and look how well it fits in my baby hands! It’s like it was MADE to fit in my baby hands! Redbubble did a great job printing it. Still waiting on the pillow though.

So that’s it. Later today I’ll upload my first #inktober drawing of the year. Oh boy! Oh joy! See ya!

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